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Studio Policy

Image by Marius Masalar

Policy as of September 2023


COVID-19 Information and Protocol

  • Students should wash hands or use hand sanitizer directly before lesson, or after touching their faces. They are also recommended to do so following their lesson.

  • Masking for lessons is currently optional. The teacher reserves the right to require masking for a limited time in the case of a widespread outbreak or the appearance of a more severe COVID variant.

  • If any student or accompanying friend or family member have experienced any of the following symptoms in the 48 hours before the lesson, please stay home.

    • Fever or chills

    • Headache with muscle or body aches

    • New onset of cough, congestion, or runny nose

    • New loss of taste or smell

    • Any positive COVID antigen test

    • A positive COVID PCR test (except following a recent infection; in that case please see below)

  •  All students and accompanying friends and family members must follow all current guidance in Santa Clara County to return to school or work following a COVID infection.


  • Lessons are paid on a monthly basis before the first lesson of every month at the rate of $100/hr (prorated). Payments are accepted in cash, check, or through Zelle, which is registered with my personal email address .

  • In the event that the teacher is unable to teach unexpectedly, any lessons which have already been paid for will be rescheduled.

  • Student cancellation policy:

    • In the event that a student cannot attend for any reason, with at least 24 hours’ notice, that lesson may be rescheduled.

    • An absence with at least 24 hours’ notice may alternatively be refunded, or the tuition for that lesson may be applied to the following month.

    • An absence with less than 24 hours’ notice is not subject to rescheduling or refund.

  • COVID contingencies:

    • A new positive COVID test result within the 24-hour cancellation window counts as an exception to the cancellation policy, allowing rescheduling of missed lesson(s).

    • In the event that the teacher is unable to teach due to being ill with COVID, any pre-paid lessons may be either rescheduled for a later date or skipped without a refund or applying tuition to following month. This applies to a maximum of 2 pre-paid lessons per student. Beyond that amount, lessons may be skipped for a refund or an application of tuition to following month.

  • Student/parents are responsible for the purchase of relevant learning materials.


  • Parents, and not the teacher, are responsible for watching their children and for picking up the child at the correct time.

  • The teacher is not responsible for monitoring children who are not having lessons.

  • Intermediate students (students in method books studying in level 3A+ Piano Adventures or

    Keith Snell books up to and including level 5) are not eligible for 30 minute lessons due to the increasing length and demands of their repertoire. They may be enrolled in 45 minute lessons or longer.

  • Advanced students (students in Keith Snell level 6 and up, or students finished with method books and studying unabridged classical repertoire) must be enrolled in 1 hour lessons due to the length and depth of advanced piano repertoire. The demands of this music cannot be met with only 45 minutes of instruction each week.

  • Please check the studio calendar ( ) and save any relevant dates.

  • It is the teacher’s prerogative to discontinue lessons at any time. If this happens before the last lesson of the month, the remaining lessons will be refunded.

Additional Information 

  • Parents are encouraged to attend lessons, especially for young children.

  • Lesson preparation:

    • Daily practice is necessary to progress, and the best guarantee of rapid musical growth!

    • Young children will need the help of a parent to guide practicing at home.

    • Bring lesson books and a notebook for lesson notes.

    • Keep fingernails short.

    • Complete any written or listening assignments.

    • Write down any questions or difficult spots to go over in lessons.

  • Practice guidelines (rough approximation)

    • Ages 5-6: At least 15-20 minutes of practice a day

    • Ages 7+: At least 30 minutes of practice a day

    • Ambitious students ages 7-10: Minimum 45 min. practice per day with 45 min. lessons

    • Ambitious students from age 10: 1+ hrs. practice per day with at least 1 hour lessons

Additional Considerations (For advanced/ambitious students, esp. high school)

  • Up to two lessons per week

  • Participation in school choirs highly recommended!

  • Local, statewide, or national competitions

  • ABRSM exams or California Certificate of Merit (all ages)

  • Participation in masterclasses and summer music festivals

  • Intensive analytical listening assignments

  • Chamber music

  • Recordings for auditions/self-promotion

  • Music theory classes at school or at a community college

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